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Love MeditationKyra Vollebergh
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Love Meditation​ 

In this meditation we work on different levels that influence our heart center and therefore our love. Here we explore love on an individual, a relationship, a planetary, and a universal love. If you want to open you heart space and want to be able to connect out of love on each level, than this is your meditation.

  • Theme | Healing Yourself

  • Duration | 31 minutes

  • Level | Advanced

Explaining Love Meditation

We can experience love on so many levels. Yet to be able to do so, we need certain openings or flows in our energy systems.


Only when we truly feel we have the right to exist, the heart can open up for self love. This means you need to be able to truly ground and have a flowing first chakra.

From the heart space we can truly connect to others.

Through our 10th chakra we can connect  to a certain light (Christ light), which opens our heart space on a much higher (and in a sense on a more abstract) level. It will support in opening to the cosmic love within you.

Extra Support
  • In a way this meditation is quite advanced. Yet, you don't have to understand or precisely know or feel what each chakra does.

  • Trust that your energy knows what to do and try to surrender to whatever happens as much as possible.

  • Make sure you are always connected with your feet to floor while doing this meditation.

  • It doesn't matter how often you've done this meditation. Whenever you deepen your practice, you will always discover new elements surrounding love.

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